foundations central office renovation

The Power to Inspire

To help people feel a certain way, provide the right environment.

Foundations, a counseling center and foster care coordinator, needed a new space to consolidate services and accommodate growth. Leaders envisioned an uplifting environment that actively supported mind, body, and spirit—a place where people would feel safe and valued.

Conflicting needs called for both privacy and openness. While privacy is critical in a counseling center, openness allows for natural light and safety. Specialized glass walls with sound seals helped us address both these needs. Locating corridors along the outside walls allows daylight into the shared hall and counseling offices while creating alternate exit paths. That meant clients didn’t have to pass back through the waiting room after a sensitive counseling session.

The lower level, primarily a flexible-use space for youth in foster care, has multiple zones for socialization and education. Contemporary glass overhead doors can be rolled down to create separation while allowing natural light further into the building.

"As architects, we know that environment influences how people feel and act. Here, our clients came in with that same driving conviction. The shared energy and purpose around this project was powerful.”  – Ian Griffiths, president

Green Bay, WI
Completed 2017
15,630 SF

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