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Hospital visits can be scary, particularly for kids who have to keep coming back.

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5,800 SF



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Green Bay, WI

Project Highlights

Focus on biophilic design

When we were called on to expand and update the St. Vincent Hospital pediatric oncology/hematology clinic, we sought to provide an engaging space that would offer fresh opportunities for diversion and discovery.

Building on biophilic healing research, the theme incorporates natural elements, with features suggestive of clouds, stepping stones, waterways, and grassy meadows. Design elements are figurative not literal, creating a space that invites interpretation and imaginative play and fits children of all ages, from toddler to teen. Private treatment rooms were updated with soundproofing and white noise modules to support patient privacy and reduce anxiety. Color-changing LEDs provide calming distractions. And
in the ceiling of the procedure rooms—where some of the more significant procedures take place—we crafted a twinkly, fiber optic night sky with real-world constellations.

Today, hospital specialists might set up a tent and host a mock campout under the stars before a big procedure. This helps ease the nerves of anxious kids and makes that room less scary.
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