Welcome to Berners-Schober… Josh Lutzow!

We are pleased to welcome Josh Lutzow to Berners-Schober - one of the newest members of our architectural studio.

Josh earned his Bachelor of Architecture, from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (Go Panthers!) in 2015. Before coming to Berners-Schober, Josh was an architectural technology consultant at the School of Architecture and participated in a handful of freelance & volunteer design projects in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

In his free time, Josh enjoys reading, pushing the pen around in an artistic manner (preferably with his favorite pen brand a Copic), honing in on his Photoshop skills, and planning his next trip.

This past year, Josh was lucky enough to study architecture abroad in France & Italy, and more recently, he drove across the country for AIAS Forum in San Francisco. While in Europe, he particularly enjoyed the history, food, wine, and nighttime ambience. (And probably the fact that it wasn't -10 windchill!).

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